Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Big 4-0 Vulture Gets Ready To Land

Black Belt Holmes recently mused to me, "Remember when 40 was old? I do." Now the big 4-0 vulture is set to feast on me like I was a Black Plague victim come November 26. I can't say that I dread the day. I'm more perplexed and slightly vexed at the onset of official middle agedom. How can I be hitting 40 when I still act so childish. The woefully underrated Anthrax - Sound Of White Noise came roaring from my car speakers yesterday as I turned on to a side street where an elderly guy sat waiting behind the wheel of a truck. Thoughts came fast as I wondered if I would still be cranking metal or punk rock when I reached 70 and would it be silly if I did. I suppose I will have to crank anything up to hear it, so the question's real heft comes from the sociological side. Will a 70 year old headbanger be silly and would this person even care what anybody else thought. To paraphrase Shakespeare, old age begins one's second childhood. I'll have more on this subject suddenly so near and dear to me as my last month of being 39 proceeds.

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