Monday, November 13, 2006


What to write today. A short rhetorical sentence like that one should be enough to warn you that you're in for a tedious time so I apologize in advance. A friend of mine from Texas once asked me how I kept coming up with stuff to post here and at the time I shrugged his question off humbly. It was no big deal. There was always something to impart whether it be the usual banalities or perhaps something of more substance. It was fun.

And now? It's just blah. Not just this blog either. I'm in a total state of blah the likes of which I haven't seen since I was a teenager when I'd come home from school in a total funk, slam my bedroom door, crank the stereo up to 10, and listen to Motorhead, Van Halen, and the Crue until Late Night with David Letterman came on. A shrink might tell me it has everything to do with turning 40 in thirteen days. I have been listening to lots of heavy metal again so maybe this is true, but I would think losing over 40 lbs and getting into bicycling would have defused that bomb.

So I think I will just go with the flow for a week or so. Indulge myself in this blah feeling. See where it takes me. Maybe a book will leap off the shelf and tackle me as I cross the room. Perhaps I'll think up some great new invention that will make me millions of dollars I could then blow on old pinball machines. Maybe God will decide he's bored with people like Moses and Paul and stop by for a chat. I could finally clean up all the old junk cluttering the house. I could just sit in an easy chair and contemplate nothing. Once I've done something I'll be back. So, maybe I'll see you tomorrow.

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