Monday, November 27, 2006


Well, I'm a middle-aged punk now. The big 40 oz malt liquor (was it Olde English or Colt 45) went upside my head. I was feeling good over the weekend, but now I'm depressed and gloomy like the goth girls that hang out at Hot Topix at the mall.

Before I ran out of dopamine I did have a wonderful weekend:

The wife threw me a roller skating party and it was a blast. DD Blank showed off his rusty roller disco skills and everybody got a piece of the big birthday cookie. I fell on my rump once, but I got props for keeping it real. My kids had a great time. Once the 21 month old Liam strapped on skates he never wanted them off. I also managed to get in over 50 miles on my Trek the last 3 days.

Tonight I'll take Double E to her basketball practice and then I think I'll clean up my music area. That should fix the middle age cobwebbs nicely. And if it is all downhill from here I always did like rolling down hills as a child.

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MXV said...

Having recently turned 37, I'm right there behind you in the old man punk department. I find the trick is to stop growing up and start growing back down.