Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I had an Aunt Thankful

Thanksgiving! I think about food and Pilgrims. I think about growing older since my birthday sometimes falls on the holiday. This year it's on Sunday, but I expect I'll get a birthday gift or two tomorrow. I think about what I'm thankful about. And then I think about my Great Aunt Thankful. She was a little pecan shaped lady who lived in an old house in Murfreesboro. She owned another house across the street which was filled with antiques. I don't really know much about the lady other than that various family members were always plotting to get their hands on her antiques and money since she had no direct heirs. I would be paraded around to her every 6 months or so and was told to act right. Which I never could do. I didn't care about her money or her antiques. All I wanted to do was get the heck away from her shrewish shawl covered presence as soon as possible so I could get home and watch Mork And Mindy or some other classic sit-com. I'm sure she was a perfectly cool elderly lady, but little boys as a rule tend to shy away from old ladies on principle. I guess she finally died and somebody got all of her stuff. All she left me was her interesting name that triggers her memory every 4th Thursday of November.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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