Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CD Review: Leopold And His Fiction

What will come to mind after hearing Leopold And His Fiction -
Picture this: two dudes are walking toward a street corner, one is carrying a guitar and the other one a snare drum, and they walk right into each other bumping guitar and drums together producing a sound that, while not new, still sounds fresh. "Hey you got my Strokes in your White Stripes!" "No, you got my White Stripes in your Strokes!" Daniel Toccalino evokes both bands with his vocals, but it’s his guitar sound that I really like. He plays with a mellow harshness that's Detroit meets Cali meets Muddy Waters. Ben Cook provides a perfectly sparse backbeat which is complimentary and evocative. Musical duo instrumentalists often over play to make up for the traditional instruments they lack, but Leopold And His Fiction avoid this trap managing an austere heated blues rock blend which aims to please and often does.

She Ain't Got Time

Shakey Mama

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