Tuesday, January 02, 2007

email from the bunker

2007 is upon me like some sweaty professional wrestler babyface ready to pile drive me into the mat; just another typical night for me in the role of jobber heel while the boos from the rednecks, freaks, and blue haired ladies in the front row make my head hurt much worse. It is customary for me to pause for genuflection, reflection, and future projection and this is just what I will do after a beer or two or more, after I get properly funked up with the P-Funk (the BOMB), after I take out the trash, and maybe before my next bath. Last year I decided I would lost the gut and I misplaced it by summer's end so this year I need to decide something big, but all I can think of right now is that I'd really like a king sized bed and a G-Shock watch. Big dreams I admit.


Spirituality. That's been on my mind heading into this New Year. I read Anansi Boys over the holidays. You'd think that would be enough, but something tells me it isn't. I need to get back in touch with some reverence, cultivate an appreciation for creation, and if it this sounds a little bit hippy dippy and you make fun of me I might just have to dig my smiting shoes out of the closet. Truly; I'm looking forward to spring and summer and to long Saturday and Sunday early morning bicycle rides just me and my cadence. I can meditate and flow and maybe I'll see the elusive fox again.


Total control. That's what I've also after. Nothing much. Just a Zen master approach to body and mind. Combine all of the fragments and produce one shining whole middle aged dude - myself. Get in real shape. Go roller skate. Often. Record some rock and roll which means I need to get off my asterisk and write some songs. Write some realy bad fiction with lots of poor diction which means staying away from television and yes, dear reader, this blog. This doesn't mean I won't be kicking the k-nowledge here; it just means I won't always be on this street corner right when you need me, but if you keep stopping by I'l eventually show up with a story to tell or a band to review.

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