Monday, January 29, 2007

Wow, I'm Really Posting To The Blog Today

While I may sometimes get wistful that my blog is not among those listed as "freshly rolled" at Nashville Is Talking it is just a temporary thing. I don't think they can pick up my feed anyways. Plus, as far as wistful goes, there is the concrete fact that I haven't posted much this year. Why is that? Are you done with this blogging thing? Was it all just some silly fade or phase?

I dunno. You tell me. I'll get back to you later. I just wish they'd take this cold weather and stuff it up a polar bear' your mouth! But I'm just talking about polar bears. If there are any left what with the Al Gore global warming bit and all. How's that for proof that I've just not got anything to post these days.

I did find out something new about the Soulfish wife after 10 years of marriage. She doesn't like funk music. That sound you hear might be James Brown rolling over in his grave if he's been buried yet. I've submitted the wife to liberal doses of Starchild's Bop Gun, but she's not responding yet. Perhaps a dose of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's mid-period thump can bring her around. It's sort of funky.

The main reason for blog absence is just that nothing's happening. Sure, Van Halen are reuniting as well as The Police and while this is news I'm not getting too excited about it. I saw Van Halen with Dave at their peak so I'd attend a reunion gig with a pair of the trepidatious high tops and with Wolfie in for Michael Anthony it won't be a true reunion anyways. The Police reunion does get me hyped up, but I doubt I'll get to see them. I might venture out to Bonnaroo for a single day, but I don't know if I could handle smelling that many hippies all day just for an hour's worth of music from Sting, Coupland, and Summers. The other thrill killer is that you know ticket prices will be through the roof.

The biggest motivational problem I've got is the season. I hate winter. I hate being cold. I want it to be warm so I can go for a 30 mile bicycle ride. I want to mow the grass. I want to shoot basketball with Emmy. Teach Harper how to ride a bike. Watch Liam on his battery powered monster truck. Which leads me right back to global warming - can I get some for February

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