Thursday, February 22, 2007

Starwood Ad From May 19, 1989 Metro

Since Starwood appears to be closing its doors for good how about an old advert for the venue. I don't know if it will be completely legible and this might be be a good thing. This way you won't be able to tell they misspelled Kwame and Eazy-E in the Rap N Ride concert listing for June 10, 1989. That must have been a dope show with Kwame, Eazy-E, J.J. Fad, Special Ed, Kid N Play, Sir Mix-A-Lot, 2 Short, and N.W.A. along with a carnival midway. If hip hop wasn't your thing there was always Spam Jam on May 20th headlined by T. Graham Brown with Garth Brooks one of the many supporting acts for this flea market, cookoff, and concert combo. May 24th was a school's out party with the Bulletboys, Winger, and Cinderella at the top of the bill. Party on!!!

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