Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Enjoy Your Sausage

Just links today so enjoy your sausage.

From the learn something new every day department by way of Arts & Letters Daily; Commentary has a short piece about Kurt Vonnegut whose great-grandfather invented the emergency exit door.

I like Lily's. The flowers are nice, Lily Munster was cool, but most of all I like the band Lilys. And I'm not the only one. More Lilys.

Heavy metal and hippies usually don't mix even though they're kissing cousins. As Bitter Andrew says, "It’s not that long a road from the peace sign to the mark of the beast, if you think about it." He's broke out Savatage, Deep Purple, and Dio for My Spells Cannot Be Broken.

Nashville punk rock legends Cloverbottom finally have their own website so go visit the Godfathers of Nashville punk.

Cloverbottom - Nuclear War

Some days I'm just a corndog.

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joisymikes said...

Damn, that Minutemen website ( has not been touched with any new items for 14 months. Sigh...