Monday, April 23, 2007

New Short Story Up At Goblinhaus

I had an idea once about a movie featuring street gangs. It was to be an updated version of The Warriors with the main action between two modern gangs called the Ebolas and the Bubonics. They were going to wreak havoc until they come across some weirdos that live in an abandoned industrial park. This gang would wipe both gangs out. The scariest part of this gang was their addiction to some super strength drug that had caused all of the skin on their skulls to fall off. So they were known as the IP Skullheads. Maybe I read too many issues of Captain America and The Invaders as a little boy. I also can't disregard the influence of the Didjits "Skull Baby" on my psyche. The film idea never came to anything, but I did finally write a short story featuring the IP Skullheads and you can read it over at Goblinhaus. The story is set in Texas for a couple of reasons. One: it's just a classic place to put a horror story. Two: it's where Shrub lives...he's the dude who runs Goblinhaus.

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elliott said...

Great story, Wally! Thanks for posting it. I love all those wasteland horror films (Hills Have Eyes, etc..). That's one of the reasons I moved to Texas - I really like the desolate, desperate landscapes.