Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thinking Bloggers Award

I’m game to participate in a meme even if I’m not quite sure what it means. I’ve been asked to list 5 Blogs That Make Me Think by Kent Newsome who was kind enough to include me in his list. This is difficult for me since Rex L. Camino and Stolen Pony have stopped writing. I miss his humor and I miss her romantic punk rock vitriol. Plus, I spend most of my time on the net chasing after random thoughts that cross my mind and not as much time in the blogosphere as I’d like. Coming up with 5 was hard, but I think you’ll find great writing, music, and links at the following blogs:

1. Big Green House – B. Markey is one of the best rock and roll critics in America with a wry wit and probing mind. He also writes about his adventures with Science Girl.

2. The Emerson Street Tavern – Ryan writes mainly about his young son Emerson’s adventures as he grows up. Ryan’s love of Heminway style prose shines through as he never lapses into mere sentimentality.

3. Geek Press – If it’s geeky and interesting you can find it here.

4. Armagideon Time – A combo pack of the personal mixed with comics mixed with mp3’s; Armagideon Time by bitterandrew is an excellent way to spend part of each day.

5. Michael Ruhlman’s blog – Michael Ruhlman is perhaps best known for his books The Making Of A Chef and The Soul Of A Chef. His blog is entertaining if you are a foodie or if you’re like me and aren’t. Plus Anthony Bourdain makes guest posts.


bmarkey said...

I'm flattered, Wally. Thanks!

bitterandrew said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm extremely flattered.