Friday, April 13, 2007

Vonnegut Probably Liked Freedom Jam & Skateboarding

I was an avid Vonnegut reader during those impressionable wonder years - he appeared to have developed crotchety old man syndrome in his later years as was his right so I'd sorta dismissed him. The best piece I've read on his passing brings that up too.

The cold, windy weather is keeping me inside this week, but Boing Boing has a link to a British documentary on skateboarding to remind me of sun & fun.

L.J.W.'s comments this week sent me scrambling to my old Lance & Shield's to see if she was in them. I struck paydirt with my 1984 edition and with that mystery solved I leafed through the annual. There toward the back was a picture of the frontman for a rock band called Freedom Jam that had played RHS in the spring of '84. My hazy memory is that they were students from some post-high performing arts school in Florida that toured the country learning how to be rock stars while soliciting more students and promoting a positive image. I googled Freedom Jam and BAM up pops this site called Young American Showcase maintained by former students. They played workmanlike covers of hard rock hits of the day and after doing a mini-set in front of the entire student body they let us know they'd be playing a full concert that night. Even though I thought they were kind of goofy I went to the show and had a blast. My friends and I pogoed to "Tom Sawyer" and I thought to myself: Man these guys would be even better if they'd just change their name.


Anonymous said...

Sad about Jason. If he was who I'm thinking of then the world will miss him.

After going through your archives, it is obvious you have possible the most incredible memory in the history of humankind. Hardee's???? You remember everything about Hardee's?????? Amazing. I'm loving reading this stuff because all of it, so far at least, is my old stomping grounds too. That silly Hardee's was a Mecca for me. I remember heading there with my ball team after ballgames ("Girls! Sit down right now and eat this food before you get on that slide!!!") But I just don't have nearly the recollection skills you do. So thanks for musing about your past. It seems to be partly mine too.

You're "pert near" as good as my friend Mike. He freaks me out with his memory too. I freak him out with my lack of it. Don't know what you did or noticed at MTSU, but he was one of the few good newpaperpeople there. His blog---

As far as you remembering me but not speaking....NEVER did I consider myself pretty (stupid, needy high-school kid that I was.) Ha!

Reading blogs like yours makes me glad I became a teacher and dropped the idea of being a journalist. Never have I had the compulsive need to write, and politics just piss me off. Ok, there was all that REALLY bad poetry in high school and college that seemed to just pour out like a bad dream. But since then, I see good writing like yours, and I'm glad the only people who read my stuff now are 8 years old.

Oh, and Slaughterhouse Five was the second book I ever stayed up all night to read. The first was The Shining. The third and last was Left Hand of Darkness.
:) Laurie

Wally Bangs said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you're enjoying my random ramblings. I almost worked with Mike Reed once at a steakhouse. He signed on with the wait staff while I opted for the dishwasher/busboy route thinking I'd work myself up to cook. Maybe I could have become Anthony Bourdain, haha. Mike wrote for Sidelines during the era when I first re-enrolled. I always dug his stuff.