Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dragula Music Video

It's amazing the kind of trash one can find on this ethernet thingie: here's a video for my old band Dragula's song "I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin" made as a class project by our drummer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


When I was a grade school age every afternoon was spent this way: grab a Coke and a honeybun, turn on CBS and watch Match Game before heading out to play until supper. The double entendre jokes went right over my head, but still I loved that show. Rayburn was like a funnier version of my father, Fannie Flagg reminded me of a favorite aunt, Richard Dawson was cool, Brett Sommers was annoying which gave me something to hate about the show, and Charles Nelson Reilly was the absolute best part of the show. Later; the Dead Milkmen would sing his praises in "Serrated Edge" and I have to say that is one of the things running through my mind this morning after learning of Reilly's death. I'm not the only one: you can check out the tune at Soundbites and Heart On A Stick. Who's gonna play the Dirty Bubble on Spongebob now?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Porch Life

I don't have a front porch. I have a stoop, so we sit out on the back deck. I wish I had a porcj with a swing. When I was a kid I would sit out on the porch with my grandmother and watch people walk by, cars drive by, and kids ride by on their bicycles. There would be an iced tea by our side and we could sit for hours not saying anything just watching and waving at the parade. If I had a porch I could bring back that style, because people (even old ladies) don't wave from their front porch anymore. I've learned this from my cycling trips. I usually do at least 100 miles per week and the old ladies won't wave to me from their porches. I'll be friendly and wave, but they just stare at me. Perhaps they all have spandex phobias. I'll keep waving to them though and maybe someday I'll have a porch of my own.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Will Tennessee Be Next?

Florida and Utah are cracking down on the industry that kills millions each year. That's right, I'm talking about used CD sales. Sheesh, if something like this had been in place 13 years ago I doubt there would have been a job for me at Phonoluxe back then. The ridiculous nature of this has to be driven by the RIAA.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Musical Education Of Lynnster

Lynnster posted a 3 parts plus one series on her musical education recently at the Lynnster Zone. Through the use of memory and Youtube goodness they make for swell reading especially if you were a child in the Seventies.

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

Part plus one.

Hey Wally, Where's The Beav?

Interesting still frame capture of a letter used on Leave It To Beaver over at Shorpy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jonny Master & The Beta Klub

Root, root Riverdale! Jonny Master & The Beta Klub were high school classmates of mine that recorded boom box tapes for years during the 80's and 90's. I managed to even jam with them from time to time. Their musical format is hard to pin down. There's some Velvet Underground at their most shambolic. There's some wide eyed Jonathan Richman innocence. There's a touch of Bob Dylan when they pull out the harmonica. There's cheesy Casio riffs galore. If you're fans of Daniel Johnston type twisted pop you should love Jonny Master.

Their line-up was: Chris on guitar, harmonica, and vocals; Tim played keyboards and sang, and Greg thumped the drums and provided harmony vocals. They played a few parties around Murfreesboro, but as much as I tried to get them to they never played a club show. Their band name got them banned from the Senior Talent show at Riverdale in 1984. All that's left are the many tapes they recorded known to just a very few people (they are listed as an influence by shock rock legends Boo Boo Bunny). So why not introduce them to a few more people. Here are five classic Jonny Master tracks. If you like these I'll post more unless the band objects.

Rappin' Billy
Don't worry about the buses because the buses will wait. Jonny Master's rap song about Billy Graham.

Never Before Will It Happen Again
I don't mind to die as long as it's after I'm dead. A funny and poignant song.

Nannie Found A Baby
Based on the true story of Greg's grandmother finding a baby on her front porch.

I Got A Lightbulb
I got a concept in different thinking, I've got a lifetime but it's shrinking. Chris could write miniature masterpieces.

Cat In The Eiffel Tower
He's been there for half an hour. A really strange and transcendent tale about a cat.