Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Porch Life

I don't have a front porch. I have a stoop, so we sit out on the back deck. I wish I had a porcj with a swing. When I was a kid I would sit out on the porch with my grandmother and watch people walk by, cars drive by, and kids ride by on their bicycles. There would be an iced tea by our side and we could sit for hours not saying anything just watching and waving at the parade. If I had a porch I could bring back that style, because people (even old ladies) don't wave from their front porch anymore. I've learned this from my cycling trips. I usually do at least 100 miles per week and the old ladies won't wave to me from their porches. I'll be friendly and wave, but they just stare at me. Perhaps they all have spandex phobias. I'll keep waving to them though and maybe someday I'll have a porch of my own.

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Lynnster said...

My grandparents' house had the greatest front porch, though screened in. I miss my grandfather days and nights like today most of all, we used to have a great time sitting out there watching storms pass.

My mom's house has a fantastic porch as do all the houses on her street, and everyone hangs out there all the time in nice weather. It's very much an old-fashioned neighborhood and I love it. If I don't wind up with her house someday, I'm determined whatever house I have will have a porch.