Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paris in the klink and other random things

I will cop to doing one great Paris Hilton imitation: I find something completely inane and say with a falsetto voice, "That's hot" and the room explodes with laughter. Well, I made up that last part. And while I did watch some of the first season of The Simple Life; it's not like I go out of my way for Paris Hilton info. Lately such info has been everywhere. It's in the air you breathe and that air is downright poisonous. My workplace was filled with people chortling over the heiress crying in the back of the squad car when she went back to jail. And as usual I was living out a Minor Threat song. I was "Out Of Step" with the world again because I actually felt pity for Paris. Sure she's a billionaire whose ego surely needed deflating, but c'mon...releasing someone from jail and then hauling them back a day later is uncool.

Other random things:

I never (gasp) watched The Sopranos. But the buzz from the series has penetrated my subconscious - Last night I dreamed me and the wife had to eliminate a couple of gangsters. We got into an argument about whether we should bury them or chop them up.

Our son Liam doesn't talk much at the age of 2. His sisters were chatterboxes by then. But last night at the dinner table after Emily made a rude noise Liam looked at me, grinned, and said "Daddy, Emmy pooted." So he can talk if somebody farts at the table.

So I didn't see the end of The Sopranos; I did see the finale of Ned's Declassified which was one of the most consistently entertaining kid's shows around. You gotta love a show where we're told they all lived happily ever after.

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