Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tour Day France

The title is my little nod to Bob Roll. So what do I think about how this year's tour went down? The surprise. I'm actually fairly astonished they didn't catch more riders doping. I'm glad that Rabobank pulled the Chicken from the race. I know a mountain climber needs to be skinny, but that dude's skeletal physique creeped me out. I really, really hope that Contador rode clean, but his ties to the Spanish doping scandal don't cheer me much. Finally; I'm really happy for Leipheimer winning the time trial today. His mild manners often make him seem to be a rather pedestrian cyclist and his performance today showcased a killer instinque that I knew had to lurk under the surface.

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Pr Perez said...

Good post. Wondering if dope is here to stay. My assumption is that a majority of riders have had dealings with it.
With or without dope the tour is thrilling to follow. This year was no exception!