Sunday, September 02, 2007

"gone are days of innocence"

Consider this a truncated Fanboy post. Shadow 15 were a Nashvlle hard rock slash punk slash New Wave slash alternative slash whatever your heart desired band back in the mid-80's rock and roll apogee. They were Scott Feinstein, Shannon Ligon, Barry Nelson, and Chris Feinstein. They released a cassette in 1984 featuring "Time Dies", "A Room With You", "Return", "The Last Forever", "Endless Day", "Trust Me", "So Far Today", and "Just Like Before" and I'm lucky to have an autographed copy. This was followed by an EP produced by themselves and Tom Der released by Big Monkey Records in 195. It was titled Far Away and featured "Time Dies", "Just Like Before", "So Far Today", and "Maybe Tomorrow." They also contributed "The Last Forever" to the City Without A Subway compilation. When pressed to describe their sound I always cop out to Joy Division meets Judas Priest minus the leather and I see no reason to stop now. You can check out their performance on cable access show from back then and make up your own mind.

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