Friday, December 07, 2007

20 Years Of Phonoluxe

My old workplace, Phonoluxe Records, got a write-up today by the Tennessean today in honor of its 20th anniversary. It's sort of weird that I even found the article since I never read the Tennessean. I had googled Phonoluxe just to get the zip code (I know the street address by heart - 2609 Nolensville Road) so I could send owner Mike Smyth a Christmas card. I spent five years great years there so congratulations are in order for Mike. Vivienne Westwood would be proud of that rockabilly and blues loving lad that used to hang out at Malcolm McLaren's Let It Rock on the King's Road.


DrDDBlank said...

Thanks for adding this Wally. I would never have seen the article. Congrats to Mike, et. al. As you know all too well, 'Luxe got a good portion of my UT Grad Asst salary for many years.


your old bosslady said...

Hi "Wally"--nice to see you at McKay's recently...the link to the Tennessean no longer works. It's odd that they would wait til Dec. 7 to do a 20th anniversary piece since the store was incorporated and opened in 1986 (I oughta know, I was there). I started working there January 2, 1987.

DD: rest assured Mike Smyth thanks you for all that $$$, trust me.