Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dickens To Frozen Cats To Where Did Toby Holmes Go Again?

How my mind works, sorta:

I've been reading through Charles Dickens of late. I just started Our Mutual Friend this morning and encountered a character named Mortimer. I finished the first couple of chapters and in came Lola the pet cat of Wally Manor. This confluence of events reminded me that I once knew a cat named Mortimer. He belonged to that crazy Zorlac skateboarding riding miscreant Toby Holmes back in the day. I think I may have even named the cat Mortimer. He was just a stray that decided to stay and he must have been there awhile. Then he went missing. As he was a tomcat it wasn't surprising. We imagined he was out doing what came natural to a stud named Mortimer. When he didn't return after some weeks we figured he was gone for good.

This was back in the day when Toby and I went skating almost every day regardless of the weather. There was an office complex just down the street from the trailer court where Toby lived and one cold and frigid night we rode down looking to do some ollies and curb grinds. There was where we found Mortimer on his back frozen solid. Did we feel sad? A little. Did we give him a proper burial? Nope. We took turns ollying over his corpse. It was the kind of thing Mortimer might have liked.

I lost track of Toby over the years, but a couple of years ago he contacted me. We went and had some pizza and beer and sent emails back and forth. He was the same old Toby. But now I've lost track of him again and I wonder if I might find him one day frozen solid on his back. And if I did; would I try to ollie over him before I notified the authorities.

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