Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bee Gees vs. Kiss, sorta

When I was a young lad toiling away at Mitchell-Neilson Elmentary School my music teacher was a young lady named Miss Kidd. She rocked the Dorothy Hamill haircut and had the obligatory amount of folk singing fervor and enthusiasm that was the hallmark of elementary education music instructors perhaps the world over. I don't remember much about what we actually did in the class that met a few times a week. I believe there were xylophones involved. And those dread recorders that all children are made to suffer with, I've never met anybody that could actually play those plastic flutes well. The thing I do remember is that she gave us a poll on what bands we liked the most. Once the results came in she would then devote one class a week to the history of the artist and we could bring records to play of their music.

The most popular band was the Bee Gees. So I learned all about the Aussies and how they had this awesome Beatles inspired early success singing about mining disasters or shipwrecks or something or other before they got all falsetto'ed and Stigwood'ed out. Did I care alot for this? Nope. I was bummed because the band I voted for didn't come in first in the elementary world.

Kiss came in second in Miss Kidd's demographic survey. So I had to wait a week before I could bring in my Destroyer album and play the class "God Of Thunder" and "Beth." Miss Kidd gave us the history of the band which I knew by heart, but instead of praising their music or success like she did the Bee Gees, she disparaged them.

So I'm always up for a Kiss versus Bee Gees throwdown. WFMU details a showdown between tribute bands Mini Kiss and Tragedy. It makes me feel like I'm back in elementary school all over again.

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