Thursday, April 23, 2009

More More More Rock And Roll Flyers

There used to be a dingy rock and roll club formerly a strip club named variously Pan's Starship / Pantheon and I loved that joint. I played many shows and saw several gigs there before it became a parking lot - I think this is the Superchunk gig where Mac had shaved his head so it inspired me to do the same – what an awesome live band

Bedlam Hour gig was sparse but fun with their bassist in a cow suit and they threw food at the audience – Their song “Grey Sweater” is a classic - I believe this is the gig where I donned a blond wig and imitated Kurt Cobain on a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” - Soon we would be Michael Landon's Ghost no more changing our name to Pipebomb. Toby and Ratfink made these posters

Letch Patrol were cool guys – my band did “Sonic Reducer” at sound check and the lead singer dude said “We do that song in our show” so I said we wouldn’t do it and he went, “nah, go ahead and play it too” A good afternoon of prime punk rock that only a select few witnessed.

Unrest – I liked the flyer, but still to this day don’t “get” Unrest - Crop Circle Hoax are one of my faves - I shared the bill with them on the last weekend of shows at Lucy - Myself, Brett and Jimmy from Jack played a set - we were called The Most in honor of Donnie Most - I didn't have a clue that Les Shields of numerous Nashville local bands had once been in a band of the same name with a single release to their credit

Jawbreaker – who would have thought they’d be so damn emofluential – I thought they were good not great - but truly anybody who was somebody whatever etc played Lucy's Record Shop back in the day

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure that I saw that Superchunk gig or not. I don't remember Polvo. Oh well, whether I saw them that time or not, they were/are still one of the best live bands ever. There is a part of me that is actively considering driving up to Chapel Hill for Mergefest this summer.

I enjoyed the Most gig, too. Wally in a skinny tie is always a good thing. That was about the time that Andrew and Jimmy turned the best bass player in the Nashville indie rock scene into merely a serviceable drummer. Don't you miss that loping interesting bass that Brett could throw down.

Like Bob Hope sang "Thanks for the memories" Wally.