Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Rock And Roll Flyers

Aaaah..."Skankman" in all his glory! January of 86 right before Cantrells bit the dust – just a handful of punks at the show – a group of them drove up in a car slathered with spray paint graffiti with loudspeakers on top of the car – leather jacket skinheads who looked like Circle Jerks mascot “Skankman” they were frightening to behold – hung out near the back with Zander Schloss while PMS performed – they were good – they ate at the Wendy’s behind Vandy after the show one booth over from us – the Jerks were great lots of fun with such a sparse crowd compared to a year or so later when they played Exit/In.

Jason and the Scorchers – I believe this was the kickoff for their Still Standing tour – man that album blew chunks now Jason is a kiddie music star

Fireplace Whiskey Calendar – I would have liked to have seen the Let’s Active and Alex Chilton shows...saw them both a year or so later at different shows

JFA – afternoon gig was great – I bought a shirt that later got me a date

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Anonymous said...

I returned to college the week after the Jerks show and the next weekend walked into the tv lounge whilst my colleagues were watching Repo Man. It was the part featuring the jerks and I cried out "I just saw those guys last week." There was much laughter because before I walked in the Big Man (RIP) had just blurted out "That looks like one of those crappy bands that DD would go see." Geez, I miss the Big Man.