Monday, April 20, 2009

Rock Flyer Week Begins With A Few Words For Each One

Riff Raff later Riff Rath (I had their cassette release) – Mark Schenkel led band - he worked at Cats – The Look don’t know lots of bands have used that name I believe – Mordred Lane I wonder what they were like – Blind Farmers From Hell were legendary Lascassas band later mutated into Hank Flamingo – F Particles again – HR and the Audio Blisters – I never saw them, but I heard they were sonically good Tony Moreale of Cruel Blue always bragged about the bass player.

I had to work that day at the Smyrna McDonalds. The show was broadcast over KDF. I listened to some of it in the break room. It was a bummer day since I was stuck there.

Austin band alternative guitar rock I really liked their album Headache Machine

electronic pioneer...Mike Smyth at Phonoluxe said the main dude in Dessau was really good at drywall

perhaps Murfreesboro’s first punk band – Sam Baker. I don’t know if this Youtube footage is from this show. Deacon Feilds was Colin Wade Monk’s group. I worked the door once for the F Particles at the Exit/In which was funny...I was 19 and here I was carding people for entry since it wasn't an all ages show there.

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Anonymous said...

I always liked Doctor's Mob. I listened "Headache Machine" a couple of weeks ago. One of the great Replacements wannabes. "Time's Up" is a great song. Their second record "Sophomore Slump" is pretty good too.