Monday, July 20, 2009

Wes White Then And Now

Wes White played drums for my first punk rock trio: Michael Landon's Ghost. When I first met him he was a heavy metal loving kid from Antioch. Submitted for evidence is the photo on the left. I'd see him around campus at M.T.S.U. and at shows, but it wasn't until he began playing drums in my friend Jon Roy's metal band Knucklbones that I met the dude. He was a frenetic drummer who loved to thrash with his double kick pedal. Soon I had poached him and Toby from Knucklebones and we did our punk rock thing for a short while. Wes went on to play with Hellbilly and The Teen Idols before settling down to married life in Pittsburgh.

Except he hasn't really settled down completely. He's rocking out with the Allegheny Rhythm Rangers these days. Gone is the double kick pedal, but his thrashing little spirit lives.