Monday, March 24, 2014

45's Are Coming - the 7 inch kind

No answers yet on possible jobs. Which puts me in a downer. But, I have started cataloguing my 6 boxes of 45's. Over on Facebook one of my friends started documenting all of his vinyl LP's. Just a snapshot. Which is cool. But I've got free time and want to do something differently. So, instead of LP's, it's 45's. Instead of just posting a snapshot of the 45 I'm going to write about the 45. If I can find a link to a Youtube video I'll perhaps embed it in the post. But the posts will not of necessity be merely informative. I really don't yet know exactly what I'll post. It may be a story of how I found the record. It might be a straight up review of the tuneage. Heck I might just make up a short fiction piece. Whatever it turns out to be it will be fun to read. Keep your eyes peeled.

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