Thursday, January 13, 2005

Harper Lee

Since I've put a picture of Emmy up I figured I'd post one of her 3 year old sister, Harper Lee, and yep she is named after the author of To Kill A Mockingbird. She's super laid back. She's got my hair (which must be why mine is all falling out) and my personality. The rest all comes from Mom. It would be a shame if pics of her brother got up here before she did. It was one of the first snaps we took with the digital camera given to us by my mother for Christmas and the flash was set too high. it just about whites out Harp's face, but I saved the picture to the gray scale and in black and white it doesn't look too bad. The weird sunglasses came from the local Sonic. Both Emily and Harper love their corn dogs, which they refer to as hushpuppy hotdogs.


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