Thursday, January 13, 2005

Wal*Martian's Attack

Wal*Mart has decided to attack its critics taking out ads in daily papers all over the country. Yahoo News has more. I worked for Wal*Mart back in 1992 and stayed with them for about a year. I left to go work at Phonoluxe Records - it wasn't a hard choice, but not because Wal*Mart was horrible or anything. I love music so working at a used record store was a dream come true. My memory of Wal*Mart was that they were more interested in getting stock out on the floor then they are in helping customers. It's the turn and burn of retail. I got chewed out a few times over minor things, but management was always fairly cool to me. I did make a little over minimum wage and I could have gotten stock, except I couldn't afford to just working part-time. I worked part-time out of choice since I was going to college. It did seem like the people that got the nice 40 hour a week day positions with maybe a half day on Saturday were the brown nosing type, but that's no different from most any job. I can't stand shopping there just because of the immensity of the place, but sometimes here it's the only choice. I tend to think of them as the Sears of the past today. They're dominant, but just like Sears, eventually they'll lose market shares to some upstart somewhere.

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