Friday, April 08, 2005

As The Crow Flies

Thanks to fellow blogcritic, Mark Saleski of Mark Is Cranky, for leading me to this piece about poor old Sheryl Crow. I love it when they talk about what her albums are selling for at Amazon. Anybody that lives a jet set lifestyle that starts talking about the common people being cheated of money needs to be slapped upside the head as quickly as possible. It reminds me of a story (perhaps apocryphal) out of Atlanta about the Black Crowes. It seems the Crowes were having trouble finding places to play and Chris Robinson was whining about to local writer David T. Lindsey. David told him the Crowes should play in a parking lot somewhere, and Chris responded by saying there was no money in that. Do musicians play for love of music or love of money? Pass the hat to those who love what they do and the hell with the rest.

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Wally Bangs said...

It didn't hit me until after I had posted: Sheryl Crow - Black Crowes. Totally unintentional, but hilarious nevertheless.