Friday, April 08, 2005

Dinosaur jr. walks again


Man, I was one of the biggest Dinosaur jr. fans back in the day. I liked them when they were just Dinosaur (the jr. came about thanks to the aging hippie rock band The Dinosaurs who thought Dinosaur would confuse their fans who were probably all brain damaged from too many acid trips perhaps). Merge has reissued the first three Dinosaur jr. records and I'm looking forward to listening to them and reviewing them. Truthfully, I haven't listened to those first three records in ages except for maybe putting on Bug just to hear the transcendent noise of "Freak Scene". Will I still like the records? Stay tuned to Soulfish to find out - they should be some interesting reviews. Pitchfork Media has a review by Jess Harvell today which begins with this intriguing paragraph:

I'm shocked at the relatively low-key reaction to Merge's Dinosaur Jr. reissues. Do today's cardigan undergrad massive not appreciate one of the key DNA strands of what we once unironically referred to as Alternative Rock? Was this the final victory of new wave? Will no one else admit to sporting a homemade puffy paint Black Flag t-shirt for the whole of ninth grade?

It does seem like these albums are getting a muted response as is the Dinosaur jr. reunion. I know there is a community of Dinosaur jr. and J. Mascis fans out there; just visit this live music site devoted to him to see and hear. Maybe the slacker ethos of the band just took root and people can't get excited. Maybe too many people have read the Trouser Press entry on the band and think Mascis is overrated. I dunno, but I do know I will be playing the CD's loud when they arrive.

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Duke De Mondo said...

Wally, i've never given much thought to Dinosaur jr in the past, but you've inspired me to check out these re-issues, if only so i can at least say i heard the damn things.