Saturday, April 16, 2005

Holy Hobbes!! The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Is On It's Way

Pre-orders for The Complete Calvin & Hobbes can be placed at Amazon right now!!! This is an awesome event, the best since The Far Side set came out a few years ago. Calvin was always the strip I read last - the honored spot for me. Today I read Frazz last and there has been some discussion about the influence Calvin & Hobbes had on Frazz with some feeling Frazz is an older Calvin.

Can you see the Calvin and Frazz connection?


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Yvonne said...

I loved Calvin and Hobbes, but have decided not to buy any compendia. I bought a bunch of Larsen and "Red Meat" collections, read them a couple of times, and grew tired of them. Now, when I thumb through them, they seem "old and tired". I know, I know, it's probably just ME that's old and tired!

Nonetheless, I don't want that to happen again.

My current FAVE strip is "Pearls Before Swine". RAT is my alter-ego.