Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tuesday Two-fer

Why don't we imitate VH1 Classic and do a Tuesday Two-fer here today. Are you with me? Thanks to Comfort Stand, I have discovered the greatness that is Messer Chups.


Messer Chups music is garage punk meeting horror movie soundtracks and it is the best monster music I've heard since The Exotic Ones started up. They are on the artist roster at Comfort Stand so go and download the four songs offered and prepare to be made happy. Then visit the Messer Chups site for lots of blood and gore. Man I've got to track down their albums!

Let's leave Russia to visit the Great Mid-West and listen to The Impossible Shapes out of Bloomington, Indiana. I downloaded "Survival" off their new album Horus and it's great in a completely different way - makes me think of garage mixed with prog rock. They've put out lots of records in a short time span and recently played SXSW so they're likely to bust out of Indiana soon so get into them now so you can bragg about liking them when nobody else knew about them.


Heck, unlike VH1 Classic, how about something extra: Something I Learned Today - a site devoted to "yesterday’s best punk, hardcore, garage & noise". Any site that takes its name from a Husker Du song better be good and Something I Learned Today is spotlighting the Weirdos currently.

Now go play outside on your swingsets people!

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