Tuesday, May 24, 2005

CD Review: Fall In Love All Over Again With Col. Knowledge & The Lickity Splits


When I got the Col. Knowledge & The Lickity Splits CD in the mail, my first reaction was what a stupid name for a band. After reading the promotional material I was more intrigued – Col. Knowledge had done the entire record using the most primitive of methods hoping to break out of Athens, Georgia into the big time. It just might work if the world suddenly goes crazy for pop garage Sixties revisionist rock and roll.

Col. Knowledge is a hit in the world I inhabit, however narrow it may be, despite the goofy name. The guys, all in their 20’s, that make up the group must lead interesting lives. They’ve managed to completely miss the pernicious influence of modern rock to craft an album that is sublime as anything Herb Alpert was able to unleash during the 6th decade of the 20th Century. Okay, I’m stretching it with Alpert, but there is a credit for brass on the record.

The music is the throwback jersey you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. It recalls British psychedelic mavens The Move at their earliest and lightest stage. The songs are full of little whirling moments with carnival organ sounds and lights. It’s all over the top. The songs are played with such verve, there’s an unaffected genuine appeal that’s often missing from revivalists. Tim Schreiber’s vocals are completely self assured going from tenor to falsetto with each change of tempo, a thrill ride pleasant rush in garage land one second and the soul kitchen the next. At times I pictured The Osmonds with Vic Mizzy sitting in for a jam session, but don’t let my addled mind scare you. Make your way over to the Col. Knowledge site and listen to some samples from the album.

So pick up the Col. Knowledge album from Alive Records and prepare to fall in love all over again with rock and roll in its purest form.


elliott said...

I dig it! Great organ jams! Harmonies, vocals, authentic sound - these guys got it all (except for a cool website). Thanks for the review!

Wally Bangs said...

Glad you dug it! It really is a neat record, completely out of its time in a refreshing way.

DrDDBlank said...

Considering that they are close to me here. I think that we may have found another candidate for a WPCX band night. I need to listen to the songs more closely, but it would seem that they are a perfect candidate. If we can get them cheap of course!