Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Some Music Links

Just a few music links for you today. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm working on what will be a series of posts about my record collection circa 1985/6 since it was 20 years this month that I graduated from Riverdale High in Murfreesboro, TN. The alma mater is running through my head as we speak, "...on a hill besides Howard Johnsons", it's a shame I never learned much from there. Yes, I know the line is actually "by Stones River" too. Being not quite sure how to handle this milestone of a year, I've debated everything from putting in general nostalgia laden stories about the era to ignoring it completely. So I've settled on this: I'm going to post a list of the records I owned which I had made back then, with some reviews of the more notable ones, notable to me personally of course. Before I can get that started, here's a couple of links to bands that made records that will be on the list.


Meat Puppets

And here's a link to a band that probably was just a baby in 1985, but I've been digging the heck out of lately: The Mountain Goats.

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