Monday, June 20, 2005

Bad Hair Day Among Other Things

I combed what little hair left on my balding head back today and damned if I don't have a Don King look going. Maybe I'll promote some fights today between my co-wokers for good measure.

The weekend went by in a blur. There was a wedding to attend Saturday and my two daughters were flower girls. They did a great job and were adorable in their dresses, but it didn't take long for them to spill food all over them at the reception. Meatballs are really not food that should be served after a wedding.

Sunday the two flower girls went to play with their friend down the street and they came back smelling of gasoline. It appears that they were pouring it into a cup and slinging it at each other. I'm beginning to wonder about the other little girl's parents. Are they watching out for the kids at all? It might have to come down to only letting the kids play at our home. I'm sure they'll still get into mischief, but I know it won't involve gasoline.

Later on we all went out to eat for Father's Day. Then I went to a book store and decided to buy a copy of Maximum Rock N Roll magazine. Probably because it had a story on The Carbonas. That's the name I wanted to use for the first band I played guitar in, but for some reason we ended up being Michael Landon's Ghost instead. I leafed through it last night and noticed it had a column by Ted Rall. Ugh! I can't stand that no talent cartoonist hack. I was thinking I should have bought the Mojo with Oasis on the cover instead when I noticed a column written by a Erika Ransom from Boston. I have reason to believe she came from Murfreesboro where she used to do a fanzine called Sky Flying By. I've sent her an email so we'll see it my hunch turns out to be true.

I got some good music recnetly that I need to review soon; The Black Halos, The Sharp Things, The Soviettes, Salim Naroullah, and the Moonbabies. A good mix of punk and pop.

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