Thursday, June 23, 2005

CD Review: The Soviettes - LP III

Rock and roll has been proclaimed dead so many times its refrain is the broken record of our times. It may have been surpassed on the charts by hip-hop, but it's holding its own when it comes to television commercials. "Blitzgrieg Bop" has been used so frequently to push products it makes one wonder if everybody in advertising used to wear a leather jacket and mohawk back in high school. This could demonstrate the timeless power of rock and roll to one person and to another one it might prove that rock is nothing more than a cadaver being picked clean by the vultures of commerce. I just find it funny that you rarely hear dinosaur rock used to promote goods. Punk rock and alternative music is where it's at. If rock is dead, then we might as well slam dance in the sarcophagus cacophonous with Minnesota punk rockers The Soviettes.

The Jolt cola rush of their new album LP III will make you completely forget about post-modern theorizing on the relative health or zombie status of rock and roll. Frenetic X-Ray Spex meets the Adolescents beats played with total abandon makes for so much ear candy there's barely room left in your head for your brains. There are 14 cuts that blaze by in less than 30 minutes which means you can listen to this record 3 times in a row before your buddy has made it through whatever latest 85 minute modern rock extravaganza is being foisted on the world as the new big thing. What I really love about The Soviettes is that like the credits say: everybody sings! It makes for exciting punk rock and it doesn't hurt that the band knows how to write choruses that snap out whip smart and sticky in your memory.

So celebrate the death of rock and roll with some real live rock and roll. You'll find yourself singing along with Susy, Danny, Sturgeon, and Annie before a half hour is up Do the "Paranoia Cha Cha Cha" with The Soviettes LP III from Fat Wreck Chords. I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

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