Friday, June 03, 2005

I Don't Really Work For The Weekend

I don't spend all week plotting what I'm going to do on the weekend. Sure there are parties sometimes, although they are usually kid's birthday parties. This weekend we've been invited to a pre-wedding party for a couple we's not really a shower so pre-wedding party will have to do. Generally I don't do much of anything on the weekend. I don't go shopping since that requires money. We don't go our to eat either...see previous sentence. I work around the house some. I read books. I play outside with my kids. I listen to music and play my guitar. Which makes me an outcast. I am constantly asked by people on Fridays about my plans for the weekend...."whatcha' gonna' do this weekend" and I rarely have anything to say back. I'm not going to the lake, I'm not going to Dollywood or Six Flags, I'm not going swimming, I'm not going to the mall or out to eat. I'm going to take out the trash, mow the grass, watch some cartoons, listen to some punk rock or power pop, write a new song, and chase the children across the lawn. It might sound dull to all of those norms out there who always seem to doing something big, but my life's party enough for me.

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