Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Night Of The Thumpasaurus People

I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night and I'm not any smarter. If I was I would cancel the room for tonight and go sleep in my car. This place is a dump. There's no air conditioning in the hall or lobby for some reason. The shower pipes started screeching after a minute. The free breakfast featured bagels, but all of the butter was frozen and there was no microwave in site and the toaster was too small for sliced bagels. Am I the only one that likes butter on a bagel? I must be. It could be worse though, a lot worse. Years ago, my pal DD Blank and I visited Tuscaloosa one summer weekend to see the great garage band Girl Trouble play at the Chukker, a legendary club. We decided to stay at the Motel 6 to save some money. We arrived around lunch and got a room. Now the first thing DD and I used to do when we were traveling together was get a phone book and find out where the record stores were. It was no different that day. We soon had a short list to go check out. We should have known we were going to be in for trouble at Motel 6 when we noticed somebody had thrown chicken bones on DD's car. We shrugged it off...surely it was just some careless idiot from the second floor. We hit the stores and inspired by the chicken bone we had supper at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Girl Trouble show was phenomenal. They were all super cool people and it was great to meet their drummer Bon Von Wheelie who I'd been corresponding with for a long time. We packed it in around 1 or 2 AM and headed back to the motel to get some sleep before heading back to Murfreesboro the next day. The parking lot was packed with people playing very loud stereos. We figured they were about to go home or to sleep, but it wasn't happening. The night of the thumpasaurus people was just beginning. It appears the motel was home to most of the lowlifes in Tuscaloosa. There was screaming, shouting, what sounded like people fighting, and always the constant thump of car radio's playing very bad music. DD and I must have only got an hour or so of shut eye that whole morning. Of course, the thumpasaurus people left once the sun got up high enough to get in their eyes. The parking lot was empty when we trudged out that morning to leave, but the chicken bones still lay scattered on the pavement. So this Holiday Inn Express might be a dump, but at least it is a quiet one.

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