Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rock School

Gene Simmons's Rock School is my favorite show of the year after just two episodes. Sure, it's a reality based knockoff of the School Of Rock film, but I liked it too. The kids from Christ Hospital school are very endearing and all very talented. Does the fact that rock and roll is being taught like this in many schools (although they don't all have famous rock stars teaching them) mean that rock and roll is a completely marginalized genre these days, perhaps considered dead by most youths meaning as much to them as classical did to me when I was growing up. Discuss among yourselves. As for me, rock and roll will never die.


Miss Templeton said...

School of Rock! Must share this story.

I'm in a book group of ladies in the City. And as you can imagine this is a gathering of older women who hold themselves to be savvy about the best in literature, film, and art. At one meeting (we meet at the Cultural Center on 45th), talk fell to the film category with the San Fran Film Fest still fresh on most people's minds. It turned into one of those "I saw [obscure film title A] and felt it redefined the human condition." which is met by "Oh Yeah? Well I saw [obscure film title B] and was moved by its brutal, direct cinematography." And that is greeted with "Really? But did you see [obscure film title C]. Now THAT was art!"

At this moment, Maureen N. one of the sweetest, oldest ladies [and a Dubliner of many years ago] of the group chimed in. "Oh I saw a film this weekend with the grandchildren. It was wonderful!"

We asked the title.

"It was School of Rock with that Jack Black! Delightful!"

"Maureen" I wanted to say. "You and I are going clubbing this weekend. I'll buy the drinks!"

Stella said...

Totally love School of Rock. Absolutely despise Gene Simmons.

I think it goes back to my record store days and the obsessive Kiss fan that I worked with. The guy was convinced he was Gene Simmons. That's all I ever heard about.

This would be a cool show if it were...say...Jack White or something.