Thursday, October 13, 2005

College Football Predictions - Week 7

I finally had a good showing last week going 6-4 both picking winners and against the spread. My cumulative record is now 33-27 winners, and 25-35 spread. This week is the week of the favorites here.

Alabama by 12 1/2 over MISSISSIPPI
winner Alabama
spread Alabama

TEXAS by 18 over Colorado
winner Texas
spread Colorado

Georgia by 16 over VANDERBILT
winner Georgia
spread Georgia

MICHIGAN by 3 1/2 over Penn State
winner Michigan
spread Michigan

LSU by 6 over Florida
winner LSU
spread LSU

usc by 11 1/2 over NOTRE DAME
winner USC
spread USC

ARIZONA by 4 1/2 over Stanford
winner Arizona
spread Arizona

Auburn by 7 1/2 over ARKANSAS
winner Auburn
spread Auburn

Florida State by 7 over VIRGINIA
winner Florida State
spread Florida State

NEVADA by 1 over Louisiana Tech
winner Nevada
spread Nevada

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