Thursday, October 27, 2005

College Football Predictions - Week 9

GEORGIA TECH by 3 over Clemson
winner Georgia Tech
spread Georgia Tech

Oklahma by 1 over NEBRASKA
winner Nebraska
spread Nebraska

BYU by 6 over Air Force
winner BYU
spread BYU

Ohio State by 3 over MINNESOTA
winner Minnesota
spread Minnesota

FLORIDA by 5 1/2 over Georgia
winner Florida
spread Florida

usc by 31 over WASHINGTON STATE
winner USC
spread Washington State

Texas by 36 1/2 over OKLAHOMA STATE
winner Texas
spread Texas

ucla by 7 over STANFORD
winner UCLA
spread Stanford

Michigan by 4 over NORTHWESTERN
winner Northwestern
spread Northwestern

TENNESSEE by 14 1/2 over South Carolina
winner South Carolina
spread South Carolina

Current record: picking winners 48-32
picking spread 32-48

Looks like if I was a gambler I'd be coming out even at the moment.

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