Thursday, October 06, 2005

College Football Predictions Week Six

The record so far is like the fish sandwich at Arnolds from the "Buddy Holly" video: its not too good. But I persevere in my quest to prove that I don't know nuthin' about picking no football games.

My record at picking winners this year: 27-23
Picking against the spread: 19-31

This weeks picks:

GEORGIA TECH by 4 1/2 over NC State
winner Georgia Tech
spread Georgia Tech

West Virginia by 3 1/2 over RUTGERS
winner West Viriginia
spread West Viriginia

MICHIGAN by 7 1/2 over Minnesota
winner Michigan
spread Minnesota

TEXAS by 14 1/2 over Oklahoma
winner Texas
spread Texas

NAVY by 1 1/2 over Air Force
winner Navy
spread Navy

TENNESSEE by 3 over Georgia
winner Georgia
spread Georgia

lsu by 15 1/2 over VANDERBILT
winner LSU
spread Vanderbilt

Memphis by 2 1/2 over CENTRAL FLORIDA
winner Memphis
spread Memphis

ARIZONA STATE by 10 over Oregon
winner Arizona State
spread Arizona State

USC by 37 over Arizona
winner USC
spread Arizona

As always the hometeam is in capital letters.

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