Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Flotsam And Jetsam

Random bits of brain matter for you. I know it's only aired one time, but the ABC remake of Nighstalker stinks. I wouldn't mind having one of those new Mustangs though. The thing didn't even get a dent in it when the new Kolchak ran over the monster. Bad news: House will be off the air for a month and a half. Good news: it's because the baseball playoffs begin have begun. Go Yankees! Yep, I root for the Evil Empire. My father always rooted for them plus he actually worked for George Steinbrenner at the Bridge Company in Nashville during the early Seventies.

I bought a Texas Longhorns hat because of Dazed And Confused plus I have several good friends that live in Texas.

I'm doing my roadwork every morning once again. I don't want to be part of everybody being overweight in America.

I've become apolitical again, been listening to The Who..."meet the new boss same as the old boss" indeed.

Emmy earned her first Girl Scout badge on Monday. It was for fitness. Harper's soccer team will have to score more than 9 goals in a game if they want to win in the 3 and 4 year old division.

Computer background of the moment: the Zen Arcade cover.

Screeching Weasel's greatest hits CD is totally kicking.

Raisins are the best. But combine them with oatmeal and you've got a juggernaut.

If natural gas prices rise as high as they say they will it will be heat or eat at the Wally household this winter. Maybe I need to invest in some electric blankets.

True North Records sent me a slew of CD's and I will get to reviewing a few of them soon.

Time seems to move faster but my body moves slower.

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elliott said...

Raisins, oatmeal and a few dashes of cinnamon!

Screeching Riverdale Weasels!