Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Say It Ain't So

Yahoo is reporting that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is heading back to Harvard. They also quoted him on meditation and celibacy:

"I decided to try celibacy because I heard it would help the meditation, and I tried meditation because I heard it would help with the music," he said. "So, it all really comes back to the music.

"Listen to 'Make Believe' and compare it to the previous album, 'Maladroit,"' he continued. "I know I can hear a difference in my singing. My voice just sounds much more sensitive and dynamic now. I also notice a difference in the lyrics. I'm much more open and communicative about my emotions now."

And here I thought his vocals sounded better thanks to Pro Tool technology. I would slam on Cuomo for such a pompous interview, but the dude did record the Pinkerton album which gives him an almost endless supply of slack cutting.

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Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I do love to sing (scream) along to "Beverly Hills" - especially when alone and in the car - but wouldn't say this new album's lyrics are remarkably superior to the former ones. "Down on Santa Monica where tricks are for kids" is one of my favorite song lyrics in the world.

-- Elle-Emme