Saturday, October 01, 2005


Where have I been? Technically on vacation, except I've spent two days washing the siding on my house with one more to go. If only I had a pressure washer! One side of the house will have to wait until I get one, but luckily it's the side that gets most of the sunlight during the day so the mildew invasion there is minimal. I will be back next week with reviews of the Donovan boxset - Donovan being one of the few hippies I've ever liked, a review of the Screeching Weasel best of that hits stores next week, and a look back at Nashville's White Animals since they'll be playing 12th and Porter soon. Well, time to take Harper to her 2nd regular season soccer game and then it'll be back to the bleach and water mixture I'm using to clean the house and then it'll get even better - mowing the lawn before it gets dark. Where's Rex L. Camino and his landscape expertise when I need it?

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