Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Junior Pro

I've been away for a few days rocking that tai chi style. Just imagine me in jogging suit while "Beat Bop" rocks the boom box contemplating a sub zero Celsius jog and you'll get part of the picture. Just forget you saw that Snickers bar in my hand. Lately its been a heavy metal, punk rawk, and hip hop diet that my ears have been feasting on. I have to turn it up really loud since my hearing seems to be going to the same place that the hair atop my head has split for so I've been thinking about talking like an elderly dude all the time. "What's that you say sonny? The early bird special is at 3 PM."

But I'm still a few years and maybe decades before that so I can just chilly chill while I enjoy watching Emmy at her Junior Pro basketball practices. There's more traveling there than I saw all summer vacation, but her team is no worse than the older ones. Em's 2nd and 3rd grade squad managed to tie a 4th and 5th grade team during a scrimmage last night. There was lots of fouling, walking, and double dribbling, but there were times when they got in the flow and you could see the promise of future basketball stars out there on the court. Em is a coach's dream - a blank slate who had barely picked up a basketball before playing who has shown nothing but improvement since the tryouts. It'll be cool when the games begin in January.

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