Friday, August 15, 2008

4 Years Of Blogging The Past

4 years of blogging. And this is the best I can do.

The very first post. I figured if DD's brother could do it so could I.

Brushes with greatness, the Phonoluxe years. I used to work at a record store in Nashville. Sometimes I miss it.

It took me 5 posts to tell the story of my first band. We were initially called Dalai Lamai Death Squad, but after I dislocated my thumb we had a new name. If you went to Riverdale in 1989 you probably saw us create some slam dancing mayhem. Our brief fame was Jabbstastic.

The Dislocated part one.

The Dislocated part two.

The Dislocated part three.

The Dislocated part four.

The Dislocated part five.

I obsess over things. Especially R.E.M., the White Animals, Mr. Zero, and The Replacements among many others including R.E.M. yet again.

The Nashville Rock History posts got more notice than anything. DD Blank came along for the ride for those 4 missives.

Rick Champion


A Hot

Dog Stand.

I did sometimes write about other things. Like peak oil. Seems rather quaint.

I sometimes wrote about awesome things like the birth of my son Liam. He'll be four years before early next year and he just gets cooler by the minute.

He got his first skateboard a few weeks ago. Maybe he'll write about being a skate rat one day. The skating days were truly some of the best days of my life.

Those days culminated in the skate punk of my second band, Michael Landon's Ghost, when we actually played at a skate park. It took me three posts to tell the tale and you can actually hear some old MLG recorded on a boom box if you're really brave.

It all comes back to rock and roll. Which can be traced to my Neanderthal upbringing raised on Elvis P, Coca-Cola, and Hardees.

And then there are those high school days. Maybe it's because I've never attended any of the reunions. Maybe it's because I really hated it until just about the last minute. Maybe it's just because I live on nostalgia - the pure junk food of the soul. Whatever. I've written about the nickname Wally, about the mixtape from HELL, yearbooks, and the glories of parachute pants.

I've written about Toby Holmes at least a couple of times or more and probably will again.

I've paid tribute to the Taylor's living room and Ms. Murks. Mitchell-Neilson Elementary represent!

I've binge drinked and went back to North Mississippi in spirit and for real.

The nicest thing I've ever read about this blog can be found here.

And that's about it. Cue the Little River Band.

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Anonymous said...

All that and the occasional GOBLINHAUS plug. Sweet.

- Shrub