Thursday, September 22, 2005

CD Review: Old Skars And Upstarts 505

Slamdance on up boys and girls for the fifth installment of Old Skars And Upstarts as compiled by legendary skater, punk rocker, and musician Duane Peters. If you're into Dead Boys inspired, Stooges conspired, and black leather attired puking punk rawk pablum this is the set for you. It contains thirty tracks of varying states of quality and one suspects sobritey, but that's part of the charm of a various artists set. Just consider the album to be a mix CD as compiled by your best friend Duane and just enjoy the ride; bumps and all.

Here's my incredibly unobjective song by song exposition of my opinions using the notes I took while listening. Duly considered and also noted: the fact that writing notes while listening to punk rock may defeat the whole purpose of the music's intent.

01. Bad Lieutnants - Arizona Love - A western themed instrumental, if it wasn't so short it would be useless. Plus they can't spell.

02. Die hunns - Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love - A good sludgy version of an evergreen classic.

03. The Briefs - Human Thermometer - The Briefs are punks who've obviously heard The Beatles. Snappy pop punk.

04. Prima Donna - Double Crosser - Iggy and Stiv adherents.

05. The Bones - Not A Love Song - Rousing Rancid, Clash, Social Distortion style sing along.

06. Angel City Outcasts - Rev It Up, Turn It Loose - Revved up pub rock dreck.

07. Turbo Negro - Suffragette City - Cover of the Bowie classic is sleazy enough for me.

08. Black Halos - Burning Trash - Another winner from one of the best punk bands around.

09. Epoxies - Don't Talk To Me - New wave punk with a female front.

10. The Lizzies - Baby Black And Blue - It's got an insane BIG sound and you really think it's going to rock and then the singer opens his mouth and out comes a gothic influenced Sisters Of Mercy baritone that just seems out of place.

11. Ducky Boys - Scars - Cali punk with woe is me lyrics.

12. U.S. Bombs - He's The Man - Souped up garage rocker with nice "Secret Agent Man" guitar flourishes.

13. The District - I Crisis - Britpunk flavored rock with all of the standard emotions.

14. Amazombies - Blind Devotion - All girl trio that can't even rock as hard as Veruca Salt.

15. Mad Sin - Straight To Hell - Garage-abilly punk. Let me know when it's over.

16. Street Dogs - Drink Tonight - This is the real punk rock article here: fast hardcore with growl and grumble singer. The song even includes a mosh pit soundtrack outro.

17. River Boat Gamblers - Smoking Crack With L.A. Reid - Best title of any tune on the comp. Good straight up punk rock.

18. The Deep Eynde - Zombie Kids - Schlock.

19. The Duane Peters Gunfight - Blow My Brains - Don't just go by the title. This is actually a very melodic and tuneful song.

20. Civet - Black Day - Never liked these ladies. 'Nuff said.

21. The Addicts - Steamroller - Man, this song has a BIG BIG drum sound. New wave never went away.

22. The Worthless - Fall In Love - A highlight of the album even if The Dead Boys homage verges on worship.

23. The Skulls - I Don't Need Nothing - You don't need nothing but this awesome Skulls song to get you through a trying day.

24. Hollow Points - Ropes End - I've been a bit cool on these guys in the past, but this cut is pretty screaming.

25. Blood For Blood - Hanging On The Corner - A metallic slab of more woe is me angst punk.

26. Roger Miret & The Disasters - Lower East Side - Slop rock crank it up junk.

27. The Stitches - Monday Morning Ornaments - A geniunely fun song with no artifice present.

28. The Orphans - Underage Girlfriend - The best female punk stuff on the record is also one of the best songs on the disc.

29. R.X. Son - Because Your My Friend - Uggh, more pub rock. Dr. Feelgood will never be topped, so everybody else just needs to cool it.

30. The Kings Of Nuthin' - Wild In The Streets - I suppose the intent of this Circle Jerks cover is to be dreadful so I guess it's beside the point for me to say that it is.

Old Skars And Upstarts 505 is out on Disaster now. Grab yourself a copy and come up with your own opinions. Duane Peters has also organized an Old Skars And Upstarts 505 tour. You can learn more details here.


jones violet said...

I loved this comp. No one seems to like that Lizzies song, though, while I can't get enough of it.

Wally Bangs said...

I just can't get past the Bowie meets goth head on vocals even though I know I should. The song itself is well written and performed. It's just one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Two bands with names inspired by "The Warriors". Maybe that is a thought. Why not a compilation with bands whose names were street gangs in the movie "The Warriors". Baseball Furies anyone?!


Anonymous said...

'Alive Without Control' West Coast 2006 Tour

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