Wednesday, September 07, 2005

College Football Predictions Week Two

It's week two of college football and I'm battered and bruised from a disastrous first week of picks. When I said I didn't know what I was doing I didn't lie. I shouldn't feel too bad since I went with the odds on most every pick. I'm at least as smart as the Las Vegas types. My record from week one:
picking winners: 4-6
picking by the spread: also 4-6

Here are my picks for week two:

Kansas State by 9 1/2 over MARSHALL
winner Marshall
spread Marshall

MICHIGAN by 7 over Notre Dame
winner Michigan
spread Michigan

MARYLAND by 1 1/2 over Clemson
winner Maryland
spread Maryland

California by 8 1/2 over WASHINGTON
winner California
spread California

GEORGIA by 17 over South Carolina
winner Georgia
spread Georgi

Stanford by 3 over NAVY
winner Navy
spread Navy

ARKANSAS by 11 over Vanderbilt
winner Arkansas
spread Vanderbilt

AIR FORCE by 6 over San Diego State
winner Air Force
spread Air Force

ALABAMA by 13 over Southern Mississippi
winner Alabama
spread Southern Miss

tcu by 15 1/2 over SMW
winner TCU
spread TCU

If my track record means anything, now you know who not to pick!

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