Wednesday, September 14, 2005

College Football Predictions Week Three

Once again I proved last week that I don't know nuthin' about picking no football games. My record was 4-6 picking outright winners and 4-6 against the spread. My record is now 8-12 for both picking winners and against the spread. So prepare to be dazzled by my non-ability to pick games again this week. I'm finally going with Vandy this week so they'll probably lose.

VANDERBILT by 3 over Mississippi
winner Vanderbilt
spread Vanderbilt

Baylor by 6 over ARMY
winner Baylor
spread Army

NOTRE DAME by 6 over Michigan State
winner Notre Dame
spread Notre Dame

UCLA by 6 1/2 over Oklahoma
winner Oklahoma
spread Oklahoma

Alabama by 2 over SOUTH CAROLINA
winner South Carolina
spread South Carolina

FLORIDA by 6 over Tennessee
winner Florida
spread Florida

INDIANA by 2 1/2 over Kentucky
winner Kentucky
spread Kentucky

Miami, Florida by 7 over CLEMSON
winner Miami
spread Miami

Purdue by 7 1/2 over ARIZONA
winner Purdue
spread Purdue

unlv by 1 1/2 over NEVADA
winner UNLV
spread Nevada

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