Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Anti-Society #1991 The Last Issue

I used to write and edit a fanzine called Anti-Society. I've posted previous issues here, but I'm way too lazy to find them today so if you're curious you can go through the archives. Today is all about the last issue. It's ultra rare and ultra crummy. The front and back cover's rock - I'm pretty sure the back cover is a Robert Frank photo. I didn't feel like writing much so the issue is eat up by Situationist goo gah and a Lucy's flyer, some record reviews and an actual ad for some lame punk band. One notable about the record reviews: I review a band named Coolfork from Texas. My pal and former Dislocated bass player Shrub was playing for them at the time. They later mutated into some little band called Bowling For Soup. So I was a Shrub away from greatness once. Enjoy. As always you can click on them and make the pics bigger.

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